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Celebzbiography is a website that provides all the possible information of famous persons, celebrities in front of the world. If you are a famous person, celebrity or little famous in some aspects, you can make your profile on our website.

Rules For Making Your Profile On Celebzbiography:

We need to verify your identity and for that, you need to send us an ID proof of yours for identity verification. If you are representing a person, kindly share some proof that you have taken permission from the person for making his/her profile on our website.


If you don’t want to share your identity proof, no worries. You need to be a little famous in some aspects means your name should have appeared in some news articles or newspapers. Please send us the URL or some proof for verification.

After this, you need to send us all the details that you want to add to your profile with images on the form given below.

The fixed price for making a profile on our website is Rs. 205 and $5 for non-Indian people.

If you want to update your profile once it’s published, we don’t charge any fee for that.

If you qualify all the rules mentioned above please reach us through email here [email protected]

The Process of Getting a Profile Published:

Step 1: Just pay the fee by clicking the pay now button given below ↓

Step 2: After the payment, send us all the details that you want to put on your profile in the form given below.

Step 3: Once we will get all of your details, our team will make your profile within 24 hours and once it’s published, we will send your profile URL to your email.


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